2020 MG 5 Review

October 30, 2019

Source: https://www.carguide.ph/2019/02/review-2019-mg-6-15t-trophy.html


MG Philippines is getting more confident as more Filipinos see the value proposition that MG vehicles bring to the table. Crossovers such as the MG ZS and RX5 are becoming a common sight on the roads of Metro Manila and beyond. 

The MG 6 was alone on its perch. A compact sedan offering, there seemed to be something missing, especially when taking into account that the ZS and RX5 are subcompact and compact size vehicles respectively. This is it, the Yin to the MG6’s Yang. Naturally aspirated and aiming for acclaim in the subcompact sedan segment, the MG 5 is poised to be another market disruptor offering high-end features for a mid-range price. So how does the model in its upper mid 1.5L Style CVT trim stack up? Let’s find out. 


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